Himeko Himura (himekohimura) wrote in nyoop,
Himeko Himura

Slight hiatus announcement D:

Hey guys! So if you follow me at all on Twitter I low-key announced I was going on haitus for a bit so that's the reason why I haven't been posting/updating. N2 really is kicking my butt and I realize how ridiculously illiterate I am in this language lol. I've been speaking Japanese for a lot of my life but not reading it except for Doujinshi which is, to be quite honest, is very...um...specific with it's language XD I'm pretty sure I'm not going to pass this first time, but I think I will definitely be able to pass in December. I'm going to aim for N1 while taking N2 though by then so we will see if I can get N1 next July XD So much studying T_T

TL;DR: I've been studying so hard that I haven't been able to do any translations. Sorry for that.

I'll try to do some updates come July, but it'll probably be me translating old Arashi videos since I'll be back home in Hawaii where my internet is pretty much non-existant *sob* I may post a few translations here and there though this month, since I do have a few things I've translated but not put up. But that's about it >.< So I guess I'll see you guys in July?
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