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Himeko Himura

Some updates on this community~

Hey guys! So even though it's been my break from work this past month, I've been bogged down by other work lately that has been preventing me from really getting on translations during this time. Also I'm getting really distracted easily lately because I've been so stressed by work that my brain just absolutely refuses to think in Japanese anymore. So because of that I'll probably have to take a break from them for the rest of the month because I'm going to Osaka next week to meet friends from college. I'm also taking on a fourth job as the new year starts so there goes pretty much all my free time. (Why is living so hard?)

Despite that, I still want to get out some translations. Almost any updates I do on this site will be on Tuesdays starting April when I have my easiest work day (at least for now, I don't get my new schedule until next month so it might change) so please anticipate things on that day rather than other days :D

As for the subbing project, sorry for the delay! My QC'er has four jobs (like me) and can barely find time to talk to me let alone check my translations right now trying to catch up from the vacation she took from work for a convention. She said she'll be checking them by next weekend so we should have some subbed videos out by the end of the month/the beginning of next month. Let's cross our fingers and hope she gets things to me soon >.<

Sorry for all the hassle and thanks for understanding!
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