Himeko Himura (himekohimura) wrote in nyoop,
Himeko Himura

Brief update and SSG Collaboration~

Hey guys! Anyone who has been following my twitter would know that last month wasn't the best month for me IRL >.< But February is finally finished and I have a big break coming up so I will try to get all caught up in the next week or so, I've missed a lot! So expect a few translations to slip in sometime this week or next (even though it's break time, I'm still so busy!!)

If you haven't noticed, there has been a few changes to recent posts and older ones have been changing slowly to reflect this change as well. Nyoop has decided to pair up with sub_sub_gakkou and allow you all the chance to work with me and my group using these translations to put out more subbed videos for the Arashi community. All of the details can be found here at sub_sub_gakkou's community. There is more information in the sticky of the community, please visit the sticky for more information about this! Please send your thanks over to winkychan for setting this all up! I wouldn't have done this without her and her dedication to helping make the Arashi community better for us international fans is always commendable! Thank you!

I'm hoping to work with many of you soon~!
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