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Concert Report!

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to get to this, but I'm hella busy failing children in English rn hahaha anyway, here's the concert report for anyone who is interested XD

So before we start on all the details of the concert, I wanna just get the general fangirling out of the way. So here it is *deep breath*

GUYS alskdjfa;skgjla;skdfslgjlksdjflahsglaksflksadjglaskhg SO MUCH JUNTOSHI LIKE HELLA SO MUCH JUNTOSHI Like I thought there would be more Sakumoto because of their duet and also NinoAi was crazy, but JUNTOSHI STOLE THE SHOW FOR ME. Almost every time you saw them, Juntoshi was together. Juntoshi on the carts, Juntoshi on stage, SO MUCH FISHING FOR FANS WITH OHNO AND JUN. Like everytime they were with each other, they were fishing for fans. Or if they were on a cart, Jun would usually wait for Ohno to leave the cart EVERY TIME like he wouldn’t even leave the unloading area at the side of the stage until Ohno was safely off the cart. IDK if they always do that for each other, but like, I watched the other three and it wasn’t as obvious as the way that Jun waits for Ohno. SO YEAH. JUNTOSHI. RULING THE DAY.

I realize that it must just be a thing for Nino. I mean we see it on camera a bit and sometimes when he doesn’t realize the camera is on him, but even on stage, Nino has to poke at Ohno sometimes and Ohno is like ‘hey stop lol’ and has this adorable little smile and the two of them smile so happily in their own world like srsly Ohmiya SK living on in our hearts and on stage forever.

Okay, and back to the actual concert report lol. So um, let's be honest here, this isn't the most elaborate stage they've had. It's quite simple and despite the big screen that made it easier for the back to see them, but it wasn't as amazing as say, digitalian or japonism stages. I guess the theme would be “Minimalist” or something like that as there wasn't any big set piece, nothing really new except for the big screen, but even then that's not that new of a thing either. If I had to give this concert a color I'd guess it'd be white and red. Lots of red in their costumes. Very neutral tones. I feel like Jun didn't have as much time to prepare this one and had to go for a very minimalistic on us. Not that that's a bad thing, considering the concert was called “untitled” and it did have a sort of disjointed feeling to it unlike a lot of the other concepts they've had before.

They made up for this feeling, however, with the unit songs that seriously might have been the thing that killed me. Actually, I'm pretty sure it killed everyone in that audience. CAN WE HAVE UNIT SONGS ALL THE TIME NOW YES? I want more unit songs. I CRAVE unit songs. I always liked them before, but they never really went with them. If this is how it's going to be with Arashi from now on, I will throw myself whole-heartedly into this new venture. UNIT SONGS. YES.

Anyway, on to the setlist comments! Gonna skip over any songs I don’t have particular memories about so that we can keep this down a bit haha.

Green Light: pretty green lights everywhere. They just stood at main stage on raised platforms doing nothing so afterward I was a bit disappointed there wasn't a big dance number, but during it I was too busy singing along to care hahaha

I'll be there: Everyone danced along!! I was so proud of not having any mistakes. Actually, just proud of them not doing any mistakes hahaha! It seriously tickled me to no end having everyone do the “I'll be with you you you” together. Ahhhh so much fun to be with fellow Arashi fans.

Happiness: AHHHH YESSS I really loved that they sang Happiness. I feel like I should have expected it since it's one of those sorts of songs that of course they would sing, but we were all jumping around to it hahaha.

UB: So the boys came out in these really cute couple blue sweaters and jeans and I was like, they're so comfortable looking but why are they using socks and what looked like house slippers (I think I was mistaken about this because they seemed to have disappeared half way through?) Then they started walking toward to each other, singing to each other and they met in the middle and...

And then this happened.

Obviously none of us could believe our eyes like...wtf are they even doing. My head still can't wrap around it to be honest.
Like I was screaming so loud and they KEPT ON DANCING TOGETHER. at one point they got so close that they looked like they were about to kiss and everyone screamed so loud. I bet you that this is going to become a game of chicken soon. that will hopefully end with a kiss at the very end hahahhaha

Comeback: It happened exactly like how I predicted hahaha They were probably watching how much we loved UB and they kept singing at each other, doing some dances where they were touching, trying to one up Ninoai. they didn't quite come close, no matter how much tehy tried but they did try hahahaha

Yoru no Kage: At first there was a bunch of jrs on stage messing around and practicing how to roll their hips with Ohno and Nino. They took as much time as they could to let Jun get ready for them and then Jun entered from the center and lksjdg;laksghlsakdjf I think I just...kind of died. Because of course they would dance as sexily as possible. It's Ohno's dance song. There was so much hip rolling and hip thrusting and I just...sjdlkghasldkfjalskghalsdfj also Jun fell into Nino's arms like a damsel in distress and Ohno looked over at them like yeah, those are mine and pointed at them and smiled I just...laksjdgl;kahsdflkajdglkahsdflkajsglahsdl

Sorry I just...ajsldkfjalsdkghalskdjf;alkshglasdf my ot3.

Bazuri Night: I knew this was going to be their parapara song. They did the glowstick otaku(?) dance that they did on shiyagare a bit back and it looked really great especially with all the lights turned off. Not sure if it was the actual boys or the jrs because you couldn't really see. It was probably jrs because when the lights turned back on, they were dressed up in their skirts and wigs XDDD Srsly best night of my life. I got to see Ohno in a skirt. An ugly ass skirt, but a skirt nonetheless lol. I think the funniest part was when Nino and Jun came out and Nino was yelling at the jrs to get the hell out lol he was so harsh too! Even I was like wow, Nino don't yell at them so harshly XD Then they were like, no you three stay right here! Where did you buy all this from! Ugh and Ohno's “Shibuya<3” alksjdg;lakhsd;flkajdsgh GUYS the way Jun looks Ohno up and down I just laksdjf;kalhdglkashd;lfsdj GUYS I can't. This is just...jsaldkfhjaslkdghas;ldg

Tsunagu: Ohno did a solo dance in the beginning like a puppet and I was just like YES YES YES MORE OHNO DANCING YES also haha like he said before, he had to do so much dancing things for this concert haha poor thing but also yay I get Ohno dancing XD And this solo dance lead into Tsunagu which is my favorite song and it was fun to dance along with them on stage haha

GUTS!: During GUTS Jun and Ohno were on my side of the stage and they were doing the guts dances as one person. Like Ohno was the right hand and Jun was the left hand and they were dancing together and they kept making silly mistakes and ugh I cried so much it’s my pairing and they were just touching and holding hands and being cute and I really couldn’t take it, I was crying so hard.

MC: So we had Nino and Aiba together for our MC break and they were talking about how Nino was going to be the MC for Kohaku this year and Nino was going on like he had been chosen and was the only one chosen and Aiba is like ‘oi! What about me!’ When they all came back up they were talking about UB. When Nino and Aiba were asked what sort of dance it was, they said it was something called “Contact Dance” But they were so unsure themselves about it. They also talked about how their choreographer didn’t speak Japanese (she was apparently from germany or smth) and Nino left Aiba with her all alone and like how was he supposed to talk he doesn’t speak English and Nino is like “Like I speak English either?!” and that they went out for sushi but Nino didn’t eat any of it and went home and ate cup ramen instead or smth lol these two I swear. Jun and Sho said they heard everyone’s response to the “Contact Dance” and when they came out they were trying their hardest to beat NinoAi. I guess since Sakumoto lost to Ohmiya last time, now they’re going to lose to NinoAi! XDDD Poor Sakumoto, never successful as a pairing apparently lol

Now or Never: I was kind of disappointed with this one only because I was hoping for the actual dance and some playing around like they did in the PV, but instead it was more of a Jr. dance with Arashi as the central set pieces. They didn’t do much of the dance at the actual stage so I was really disappointed cause I learned the dance myself so I could dance with them and then they didn’t do it L

Hikari: WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ARASHI FOUND GOD BTW? I was laughing so hard at this song because it was LITERALLY them coming out and doing a gospel sort of number. There was even a stain glass of saints in the background and I was like ‘OH GOD I THOUGHT I LEFT CHOI SHIWON BACK IN SUJU WTF’ I just couldn’t help but laugh really hard but I don’t think the rest of the audience got why me and my friend were just rolling on the floor. It just seemed so out of place, this random gospel set. Mostly because until now there hadn’t been a real theme to any of the songs? Like none of the songs really had anything that connected the stage to the song except for some pretty blinking lights and then this and I was like ‘oh god I can’t rn, this is perfect’

Pikanchi Double: When they started doing Pikanchi Double, I started crying like srsly because this is my favourite song and they were singing it. I didn’t expect it to be sung, tbh? I just really love this song so much and they sang my favourite song and like, I got to listen to them sing and Sho-chan rapping and alkjdsf;lakhdgalsdkfja;lsdhgasdljf I was so happy and I danced along with every one lakjsdf;laksjglaksdjfasldkgh I just really loved it I was so happy.

Hidashi no Mirai/Believe: So for Hidashi no mirai they were on the carts and one of the carts weren’t coming fast enough and that one had Aiba and Jun looked kind of worried about it, like you could see him looking over like “where is Aiba omg” and then the intense dance break for Believe was coming soon and they wouldn’t be able to hit their mark if Aiba was late and he JUST made it and Sho-chan slapped his ass as he was running across the stage to get to his place and the break started just as Aiba got where he had to go hahaha that was so entertaining.

Monster: I’ve recently fell in love with this song. I didn’t seem to like it when it first came out because I’m not a fan of Kaibutsukun as much as I do like Jun as a vampire and Ohno as his flaksjdgl;askfhsd I’ll stop there but like lately I’ve just become ridiculously fond of the song and when they sang it I was so pleased because that’s two of my favourite songs to be sung! I picked well. Just wish they had done Truth. Would have died.

Song For You: For some reason I didn’t realize that the solos/duets in this song were grouped just as they were for the unit songs. So it opened up with Aiba and Nino on one side with a similar lighting that they had for UB and Jun and Sho on one side with the lighting they had for Come Back on the other. Then the Yoru no Kage trio came together and then Bazuri Night together. It was really interesting. I didn’t expect them to do the entire song, but they did! Lots of dancing and twirling, though I can’t say I was particularly pleased that they didn’t take the prince theme and run with it, but the background VTR was almost Peter Pan-ish. But still, Jun, you had a good thing here. You srsly should have ran with it hahahaha

Kanpai Song: This is the BEST SONG TO HAVE AS LAST. I hope they have this every year from now on as the last song like, it’s just so much fun to sing “MO IKAI! KANPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIII JA NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe” hahaha god I had so much fun.

Oh and um all the boys sang live a few times, I just don't expect it as much as I should? I mean they're professional singers but you don't hear them singing in front of anyone ever acapella so it just surprises me when they do hahahaha but out of all of them, Nino's voice wavered a lot and not like, oh oops out of breath but like oh no nino and I wonder if the weather was getting to him. i was a bit worried. UGH BUT OHNO'S VOICE IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAR AS I'VE DREAMED ABOUT LISTENING TO

Anyways, it started snowing like absolute hell as we were coming out and the boys had said during an MC part that it had been snowing so hard that it had turned white. (aiba had said the jp equivalent of “It’s snowing af” lol) They weren’t kidding! The weather app had said it was going to snow a bit, not become a blizzard!!! The power of Arashi XD

I can’t wait until the concert DVD comes out, I need to see this again. Or, at least, watch UB performed over and over again because my mind still can’t get over what I just saw XDDDD
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