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Concert in One Week!!!

Hey guys! So I'm catching up today and tomorrow with all these clips that I have lying around. Also! Because of the new limit of Twitter, I've made a twitter especially for translations so that I wouldn't flood my personal twitter with translations for arashi (though I do kya kya a lot abut Arashi and Suju on it anyway), please follow it~ I'll probably post a lot of one-liner translations or things that are just too small to make an entire LJ post for. And also I'll try to post the updates there as well for streaming and translation links :D

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In other news, I'm going to the Hokkaido Concert this weekend! I'm so excited, I even started to make my Uchiwa! It's so crap tho IDK what I'm doing hahaha. But! I've been listening to the new album nonstop and I have this really weird thing where I try to guess where each song might show up in the concert and what the theme will be like for the concert and this year I wrote it up for once haha. I'll put it in a cut so you don't have to read it if you don't want to, but I wanna hear your thoughts!

What do you think the theme is going to be (besides being "Untitled")? And do you have any predictions? Let me know in the comments below (look at my YT personality just shining through lol)

Concert Theme: History of Arashi, or History of Music? Some sort of history theme or explorer theme to go with the Mikan thing of being all over the place.
Opening VTR: Disney Prince Arashi (this is just my hope more than a prediction)
Opening Song: First part of Song for You OR Green Light
If they go with song for you, they’ll be singing the song throughout the concert as a lead in for every part

Beginning Songs:
+Green Light (main stage)
+Fuun (center, cart)
+Doors (outside stages)
+Ari no Mama de will lead into the Middle section (outside stage or cart)
+Kanata E (outside stages, cart)

Middle Songs:
+If Song for You isn’t used as the bracket song, then as a skit in the middle as a medley with other Arashi songs.
+All of the solo songs will be in the middle. They could change between the songs by having the members who are in each unit stay on stage and change.
+Bazuri NIGHT – Para Para Dance
+Yoru no Kage – May or may not have female dancers DDDD:!! But since it’s Ohno’s song there will be lots of rolling of hips. Maybe some thrusting. Each of them on their own stages with a chair? (I’M COUNTING ON YOU OHNO)
+UB – Probably them on a raised stage or in the air
+Comeback – Lots of sounds and lights and the two of them being on two different sides of the stage. Maybe dj MJ? I wish.

+Sugar (main stage)
+I’ll be there (starting the middle section)
+Houyou will be grouped with I’ll be there. (middle or center stage)
+Pray (raised stages or seats on the main stage/thrust stages)
+Now or Never (main stage)

+Mikan (Main Stage)
+Tsunagu (Main Stage)
+Hikari (center Stage)
+Kanpai Stage (Ending Stage, the one where they run around and wave to fans)

Old songs they might sing (besides the usual)
I'm hoping for Pikanchi Double, Truth, and Monster.
Although these are my favourite songs so I just want them to be in it lol
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