Himeko Himura (himekohimura) wrote in nyoop,
Himeko Himura

Not really an announcement, but Last Recipe! and Hong Kong XD

Hello everyone! Once again here to say I'm not dead. It's only been a few weeks or so but I'm always behind lately but this time it's because I was in Hong Kong! I ate so much food I think I'm dead -.- but I'll be back at it this week because I have free time for once in my life omg I'm so excited for free time.

In other news, I watched Last Recipe!!! My entire theater was crying. You could hear people sniffling and blowing their nose as they left the theater hahahaha. It's pretty boring at first, imo and then randomly hits you in the gut. Also if you're going to see ONLY Nino, then this is not the movie for you. He was in it for all of maybe 15 minutes lol. But it was a good movie nonetheless XD

Anyway, I'll put out some trans I had left on my USB before I left for HK. It's literally been sitting there for two weeks lol I'm crap at posting so sorry guys. 
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