Welcome to Nyoop!

Welcome to Nyoop, a little community that I created to house both my watchlists and translations as it pertains to Johnny's Entertainment groups.

Why is it called Nyoop?
Well...actually I don't have any idea, it just kinda happened that way..

What will I find in Nyoop?

  • Episode lists as well as HQ streaming links. No more more Youtube clips! You can just come here and find full episodes with one click! Hopefully, at least. There's a lot of Johnny's TV shows out there and I doubt I can find every single one.

  • Translations! Which I know most of you came for! I translate because I am studying for the N2 exam. Was supposed to take it in Dec but I'm going to be out of the country unfortunately. So I'll be aiming for this comming summer instead~!

Can I join Nyoop?
Of course you can! Just hit that Join button and wait for me to approve! That's it! ...for now at least.

Rules of the community

  1. Don't ask me for translations. I'll boot you out of here instantly. It will only be tolerated on translation request posts that I will randomly put up. And even then I can't promise I'll translate it.

  2. Please do not ask for translations to be subbed. If someone picks them up, great! But I will not be subbing anything unless a timer requests them from Sub Sub Gakkou. So please don't leave comments about things getting subbed, because I have no control over it. It's up to you, the community, not me as the translator.

  3. Please leave a like or a comment on translations that you read so that I know they're being read. I'm not looking for praise but if they're not being used there's no reason to post them here.

Nyoop x SSG Collaboration: Using my translations for subbing Arashi clips
After some discussion with winkychan I've decided to allow my translations to be timed and subbed onto various clips and so nyoop has decided to work with sub_sub_gakkou to make my translations available to both learners and experienced subbers. You will be working with me and my group, Nya!Fansubs and it's subgroup, Neko!Jarashi, who have subbed Hana Yori Dango, Stand Up, Majo no Jouken and most recently High&Low projects. Our projects in this venture will be released here on Nyoop and links on our fansub blog. If you work with us, you are also free to distribute it on your own terms.

And that's about it! I can't think of anything more than that right now. Sidebar will let you know what I'm working on currently, so please have a look!

This community now has a twitter! Follow @_nyoops for updates and small translations you won't find on the community as well as live translations as shows air! If you're up for the kya-kya, you can also follow my personal twitter


Nyoop/SSG/Nya! Collaboration Fansubs

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Arashi Ni Shiyagare   2016 | 2017 | 2018
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Mago Mago Arashi 2005 | 2006

Kanjani 8 (Streaming Links)
Kanjani Chronicle   2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018

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Announcement - I'm back! + Translation Requests

Hi everyone! It's been a long time >< It wasn't supposed to be, but I thought vacation was going to be a lot more boring than it actually ended up being. So I had to extend my time a bit.

But because of that, I'm behind A LOT. I don't think I will do any back translations of the past two months UNLESS it's by request, which you are totally allowed to do on this particular post. Will maybe be back on track starting with last night's vsa, but man has this week been cruel hahaha. Anyways, should try to get some links up too later, when I'm not dying from work.

Slight hiatus announcement D:

Hey guys! So if you follow me at all on Twitter I low-key announced I was going on haitus for a bit so that's the reason why I haven't been posting/updating. N2 really is kicking my butt and I realize how ridiculously illiterate I am in this language lol. I've been speaking Japanese for a lot of my life but not reading it except for Doujinshi which is, to be quite honest, is very...um...specific with it's language XD I'm pretty sure I'm not going to pass this first time, but I think I will definitely be able to pass in December. I'm going to aim for N1 while taking N2 though by then so we will see if I can get N1 next July XD So much studying T_T

TL;DR: I've been studying so hard that I haven't been able to do any translations. Sorry for that.

I'll try to do some updates come July, but it'll probably be me translating old Arashi videos since I'll be back home in Hawaii where my internet is pretty much non-existant *sob* I may post a few translations here and there though this month, since I do have a few things I've translated but not put up. But that's about it >.< So I guess I'll see you guys in July?

[Trans] VS Arashi 2018.05.03 - Opening Talk

If you wish to use my translations for a subbing project, please refer to the sticky post for more information!
Don't steal or I'll stop posting. Even though they're prob not worth stealing anyway.
I'm doing this because I want to study, not because I'm fluent, so be aware of that.

You can find the video for streaming here.

If I don't have that I can't do it...Collapse )

I love how Ohno is reading the prompt like his life depends on it. Also Ohno doing the MC role is probably my favourite thing that has happened ever.
For more updates/translations/tidbits/the kya-kya, follow @_nyoops on twitter ;D

Some updates on this community~

Hey guys! So even though it's been my break from work this past month, I've been bogged down by other work lately that has been preventing me from really getting on translations during this time. Also I'm getting really distracted easily lately because I've been so stressed by work that my brain just absolutely refuses to think in Japanese anymore. So because of that I'll probably have to take a break from them for the rest of the month because I'm going to Osaka next week to meet friends from college. I'm also taking on a fourth job as the new year starts so there goes pretty much all my free time. (Why is living so hard?)

Despite that, I still want to get out some translations. Almost any updates I do on this site will be on Tuesdays starting April when I have my easiest work day (at least for now, I don't get my new schedule until next month so it might change) so please anticipate things on that day rather than other days :D

As for the subbing project, sorry for the delay! My QC'er has four jobs (like me) and can barely find time to talk to me let alone check my translations right now trying to catch up from the vacation she took from work for a convention. She said she'll be checking them by next weekend so we should have some subbed videos out by the end of the month/the beginning of next month. Let's cross our fingers and hope she gets things to me soon >.<

Sorry for all the hassle and thanks for understanding!

Brief update and SSG Collaboration~

Hey guys! Anyone who has been following my twitter would know that last month wasn't the best month for me IRL >.< But February is finally finished and I have a big break coming up so I will try to get all caught up in the next week or so, I've missed a lot! So expect a few translations to slip in sometime this week or next (even though it's break time, I'm still so busy!!)

If you haven't noticed, there has been a few changes to recent posts and older ones have been changing slowly to reflect this change as well. Nyoop has decided to pair up with sub_sub_gakkou and allow you all the chance to work with me and my group using these translations to put out more subbed videos for the Arashi community. All of the details can be found here at sub_sub_gakkou's community. There is more information in the sticky of the community, please visit the sticky for more information about this! Please send your thanks over to winkychan for setting this all up! I wouldn't have done this without her and her dedication to helping make the Arashi community better for us international fans is always commendable! Thank you!

I'm hoping to work with many of you soon~!

Concert in One Week!!!

Hey guys! So I'm catching up today and tomorrow with all these clips that I have lying around. Also! Because of the new limit of Twitter, I've made a twitter especially for translations so that I wouldn't flood my personal twitter with translations for arashi (though I do kya kya a lot abut Arashi and Suju on it anyway), please follow it~ I'll probably post a lot of one-liner translations or things that are just too small to make an entire LJ post for. And also I'll try to post the updates there as well for streaming and translation links :D

@_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops

In other news, I'm going to the Hokkaido Concert this weekend! I'm so excited, I even started to make my Uchiwa! It's so crap tho IDK what I'm doing hahaha. But! I've been listening to the new album nonstop and I have this really weird thing where I try to guess where each song might show up in the concert and what the theme will be like for the concert and this year I wrote it up for once haha. I'll put it in a cut so you don't have to read it if you don't want to, but I wanna hear your thoughts!

What do you think the theme is going to be (besides being "Untitled")? And do you have any predictions? Let me know in the comments below (look at my YT personality just shining through lol)

Concert Predictions!Collapse )

Not really an announcement, but Last Recipe! and Hong Kong XD

Hello everyone! Once again here to say I'm not dead. It's only been a few weeks or so but I'm always behind lately but this time it's because I was in Hong Kong! I ate so much food I think I'm dead -.- but I'll be back at it this week because I have free time for once in my life omg I'm so excited for free time.

In other news, I watched Last Recipe!!! My entire theater was crying. You could hear people sniffling and blowing their nose as they left the theater hahahaha. It's pretty boring at first, imo and then randomly hits you in the gut. Also if you're going to see ONLY Nino, then this is not the movie for you. He was in it for all of maybe 15 minutes lol. But it was a good movie nonetheless XD

Anyway, I'll put out some trans I had left on my USB before I left for HK. It's literally been sitting there for two weeks lol I'm crap at posting so sorry guys.