Welcome to Nyoop!

Welcome to Nyoop, a little community that I created to house both my watchlists and translations as it pertains to Johnny's Entertainment groups.

Why is it called Nyoop?
Well...actually I don't have any idea, it just kinda happened that way..

What will I find in Nyoop?

  • Episode lists as well as HQ streaming links. No more more Youtube clips! You can just come here and find full episodes with one click! Hopefully, at least. There's a lot of Johnny's TV shows out there and I doubt I can find every single one.

  • Translations! Which I know most of you came for! I translate because I am studying for the N2 exam. Was supposed to take it in Dec but I'm going to be out of the country unfortunately. So I'll be aiming for this comming summer instead~!

Can I join Nyoop?
Of course you can! Just hit that Join button and wait for me to approve! That's it! ...for now at least.

Rules of the community

  1. Don't ask me for translations. I'll boot you out of here instantly. It will only be tolerated on translation request posts that I will randomly put up. And even then I can't promise I'll translate it.

  2. Please leave a like or a comment on translations that you read so that I know they're being read. I'm not looking for praise but if they're not being used there's no reason to post them here!

And that's about it! I can't think of anything more than that right now. Sidebar will let you know what I'm working on currently, so please have a look!

This community now has a twitter! Follow @_nyoops for updates and small translations you won't find on the community as well as live translations as shows air! If you're up for the kya-kya, you can also follow my personal twitter


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Mago Mago Arashi 2005 | 2006

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Concert in One Week!!!

Hey guys! So I'm catching up today and tomorrow with all these clips that I have lying around. Also! Because of the new limit of Twitter, I've made a twitter especially for translations so that I wouldn't flood my personal twitter with translations for arashi (though I do kya kya a lot abut Arashi and Suju on it anyway), please follow it~ I'll probably post a lot of one-liner translations or things that are just too small to make an entire LJ post for. And also I'll try to post the updates there as well for streaming and translation links :D

@_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops @_nyoops

In other news, I'm going to the Hokkaido Concert this weekend! I'm so excited, I even started to make my Uchiwa! It's so crap tho IDK what I'm doing hahaha. But! I've been listening to the new album nonstop and I have this really weird thing where I try to guess where each song might show up in the concert and what the theme will be like for the concert and this year I wrote it up for once haha. I'll put it in a cut so you don't have to read it if you don't want to, but I wanna hear your thoughts!

What do you think the theme is going to be (besides being "Untitled")? And do you have any predictions? Let me know in the comments below (look at my YT personality just shining through lol)

Concert Predictions!Collapse )

Not really an announcement, but Last Recipe! and Hong Kong XD

Hello everyone! Once again here to say I'm not dead. It's only been a few weeks or so but I'm always behind lately but this time it's because I was in Hong Kong! I ate so much food I think I'm dead -.- but I'll be back at it this week because I have free time for once in my life omg I'm so excited for free time.

In other news, I watched Last Recipe!!! My entire theater was crying. You could hear people sniffling and blowing their nose as they left the theater hahahaha. It's pretty boring at first, imo and then randomly hits you in the gut. Also if you're going to see ONLY Nino, then this is not the movie for you. He was in it for all of maybe 15 minutes lol. But it was a good movie nonetheless XD

Anyway, I'll put out some trans I had left on my USB before I left for HK. It's literally been sitting there for two weeks lol I'm crap at posting so sorry guys.